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We highly recommend participants to complete the CPR certification prior to taking the practical exam.
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Why study the Course In level 3 Sports and Fitness?
Fitness is concerned with the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of disability, in people of all ages. Fitness optimize potential ability, physical function, independence and quality of life through rehabilitation practices.
​To achieve this, Fitness-therapists require an extensive understanding of physical, structural and physiological aspects of human form and movement, as well as factors relating to human functioning and the acquisition of skill.
Fitness-therapists often involves physical methods to control pain, therapeutic exercise for impaired muscle systems, assisting in the physical management of the cardio-respiratory system, or improving balance and motor control for better performance and function.


Certified work in Hospitality Industry Such As Five Star Hotel Spa Health Centers,Fitness Health Centers and Freelancing Agencies,Rehabilitation Units, or in Preschool and School Programs. Alternatively, they may prefer to work in private practice offering treatments to a full range of patients or specializing in areas such as sports physiotherapy, or other fields of particular interest. Additional employment opportunities exist for researchers, advisors or consultants in educational, industrial or government institutions.

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Sports and Fitness Instructor Level - 3

As a Personal Trainer looking for a specialist qualification in sports and Fitness this

JFII - JLO FITNESS INSTITUTE OF INDIA will enable you to develop your knowledge of sports science and injuries, as well as your critical thinking skills, in order to further your career within your specialist profession.

The course aims to develop your evaluative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to increase your practical and theoretical knowledge of sports science and injury, so that you can apply these skills in the further advancement of your career.

The overall intention of the LEVEL 3 SPORTS & FITNESS INSTRUCTOR EDUCATION is to produce a successful student with a wide breadth of knowledge across Sports & Exercise  and the necessary skills to put the theory into practice. 

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